IPSDK Explorer.

An assistant for IPSDK

Explorer is a GUI assistant provided with the IPSDK distribution and allows to use IPSDK without any programming knowledge. All the library image processing features are available through its friendly interface. The software is able to display the results asked by the user.

Explorer snapshot

3D visualisation module

IPSDK Explorer proposes an optional powerful 3D visualisation tool. The proposed visualisation quality allows to enhance all IPSDK optimized processes. This module also offers the possibility to realize video clips by dynamically organizing the various scene states in a scenario.

Introducing IPSDK Explorer


Explorer proposes to create your own process macros and gererate the Python code producing a given image. Because it is implemented in Python, Explorer is an open and adaptive tool, easily inclidable within DigiXCT, DragonFly or Avizo.

Analysis result
Python script generation

For more information, please consult the technical report: Explorer.pdf

For any request about IPSDK Explorer, please contact us at: info@reactivip.com