IPSDK Library

IPSDK offers a comprehensive and optimized range of functionalities for 2D and 3D image processing.

Available in C ++ and Python, IPSDK offers a full range of image processing features needed to study your data. This library allows you to use all the power of your PC by increasing the speed of your applications (X10 found on average compared to other software in the domain).

Coupled with a powerful 3D viewer to manage your images.

IPSDK can now be used from many softwares such as Digi-XCT form Digisens, ORS DragonFly or Avizo. The 3D visualization quality proposed by these softwares allows to highlight all the IPSDK optimized processes.

IPSDK offers unparalleled processing speed !

IPSDK 2D dilatation comparison
Processing time (s) with OpenCV, ITK and IPSDK, for a dilation operation with 2D image 10 000 x 10 000 dependent of the half kernel size.
IPSDK bilateral 3D comparison
Processing time (s) with ITK and IPSDK for a bilateral filter operation with a 3D image 512 x 512 x 512 dependent of the half kernel size.

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Our Activity

  • Fully dedicated to the 2D and 3D image analysis market
  • Application development
  • Training and technical support

Our Strengths

  • Highly innovative software solutions
  • Software editor

Our Core Market

  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Industry / R&D centers
  • Medical, Life Sciences
  • Material property analysis, digital rock

The IPSDK Library

  • Windows and Linux compatible
  • Available in C++, Python, Avizo and Amira
  • High Performance Calculation (Multi-threading, distributed calculation, ...)
  • Big Data support

Various versions of IPSDK are available
See the description of the various versions

Development with IPSDK
See sample code

IPSDK is produced with the active participation of the scientific direction of Groupe Total and bpifrance.
Conseil général de l'isère BPI France

3D porosity analysis using IPSDK Microbiology colony counting (Petri dish)


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