IPSDK - Versions

The different versions of the IPSDK library

To satisfy the different needs of development or redistribution, IPSDK comes in three versions.

IPSDK Toolkit

For developers, the TOOLKIT version allows to call all the features of the library from developments made in C ++, Python (2.7, 3.5 and 3.6) and Avizo 8 and 9.

Projects can be done on Linux or Windows. In C ++, the code can be compiled using Microsoft Visual 2015 Express or gcc.

The Toolkit version comes AVX2 and SSE2 acceleration.

IPSDK Partner

Including all the features of the TOOLKIT version, IPSDK PARTNER meets the needs of the most demanding developers.

This advanced development kit provides the ability to add your own image processing algorithms using primitives for accelerate and distribute treatments.

IPSDK Runtime

The RUNTIME version allows to redistribute developments made using IPSDK PARTNER or TOOLKIT.

Development kit also allows you to group all the dependencies of your project in one directory to simplify redistribution.

IPSDK can also automatically generate your executable which will simply install your new application on the PC of your users.