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Next IPSDK Webinar - February 6th - 04:00 PM [GMT +1]

Message Publié : 01 Février 2017, 10:44
par ReactivIP
Join our upcomming Webinar IPSDK !!!!
February 6th 2017 4:00 PM Europe/Paris [GMT 1] (English session) convert to my local time

Attend this webinar to learn how to get the most from your 2D and 3D image data (More information on IPSDK).

We suggest you discover our IPSDK Library, which we developed for fast Image processing. The Integration of our Library into your
application would give you a real business advantage over your competitors.

The implementation of IPSDK would allow you to dramatically reduce your processing time and give you a competitive edge.
Benchmark tests have shown faster detection times compared with other technologies available on the market.
IPSDK 1.4 is available in C++, Python 3.5, Avizo and Amira

Topics covered include:
- Benchmark
- Many application samples
- use in C++
- use in Python
- use with Avizo

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Porosity characterization on Focused Ion Beam (FIB) images