Grain angularity discussion using IPSDK

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Grain angularity discussion using IPSDK

Message par ReactivIP » 26 Juillet 2017, 16:10

It's never very easy to use a good formula for angularity measurement. In fact, very often, it depends on the user interpretation and need.
Technical team of Reactiv'IP propose you a compartive study between several measures implemented in IPSDK.

First of all, see a list of patterns use for our study:

Top shapes are quite circular while bottom shapes are elongated. Left shapes are quite angular while right one are rounded.

Study proposes to compare six different definitions of angularity:
- Outline slope angularity,
- Radius angularity index,
- Degree of angularity,
- Disparity angularity,
- Edge angularity,
- Gradient angularity index,

Here is the comparative result for the 5 top shapes :

Here is the comparative result for the 5 bottom shapes :

Feel free to contact Reactiv'IP ( if you want more information (Evaluation version of IPSDK, precise documentation of each measures or test with your data).

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