Meteorite analysis: Segmentation and grain measurement

In the High-Resolution X-ray Computed Tomography Facility (UTCT) at the Jackson School, Dr Romy Hanna supports the NASA Planetary Science Enabling Facilities (PSEF) and its scientists. Among the different covered topics in this project, IPSDK achieved automatically great grain analysis and characterization, and significantly accelerated the computation process.

Meteorite sample, Xray Microtomography acquisition device.
Credits : Dr. Romy Hanna, Univ. of Texas at Austin

The purpose in this use case was to individualize and measure the 100 biggest grains present in the 3D sample.

First, IPSDK Explorer was used to detect all the grains present in the sample

Then a filtered was applied to keep the 100 biggest grains

To achieve these results, a dataset enhancement was performed to permit a correct and precise segmentation