Benefit from our expertise

Reactiv’IP’s experts put all their know-how at your disposal to use IPSDK in your image analysis projects and to assist you in the implementation of relevant tools for your image analysis challenges.

Reactiv’IP provides the following services:

  • Participation in Research Projects
  • Expertise, feasibility studies, proof of concept, forensics
  • Outsourcing Analysis

Customization / Tailor-made developments

More than simply being a software editor, Reactiv’IP provides IPSDK customers with customized and tailor-made developments to meet their specific challenges.

These developments can be developed on top of:

  • IPSDK Software Development Kit
  • IPSDK Explorer
  • Non Reactiv’IP software such as Visilog, Image-Pro, Amira/Avizo, DragonFly, OpenCV

Reactiv’IP can also develop some DLLs in C++.



Reactiv’IP trains your teams to our various skill domains.

Example of proposed trainings:


Image processing basic training


Image processing advanced training


Software development using IPSDK training


Python training


Dragonfly Basic training


Visilog training


Remarks on training sessions:

  • The content and level of training will always be discussed with the trainees beforehand
  • Training sessions can be either performed on Reactiv’IP or customer’s premises
  • To ensure tailored trainings and to guarantee your datasets confidentiality, Reactiv’IP provides exclusively one-single company sessions

Outsourcing Analysis

Reactiv’IP can handle your 2D or 3D images to analyze them and provide you with the required measurements.

Why should you outsource us your images?

This outsourced service avoids acquiring dedicated software and training specific users. It is the perfect solution for occasional or one-time image processing needs, or for emerging projects.

Our service ensures your images’ confidentiality by exclusively processing your datasets in our premises.