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IPSDK, IPSDK Explorer and MetalloBox software Editor


Human-size company listening and understanding customer’s challenges to then define the best adapted image processing solutions.




Training on IPSDK, IPSDK Explorer and MetalloBox.
Application dezvelopments

Application developments

Conception of On-Demand appplications based on Statement of Works (specs) based on scientific papers.
Founded in 2013, we are a French Image Processing software editor. We offer solutions to automate Image processing workflows to public and private research centers.

Thanks to a long Image processing experience, our goal is to offer specialized and tailor-made applications to automate inspection process and guarantee measurements accuracy, reliability, reproductibility and traceability.

These applications can be detecting and measuring cells, bubbles, cracks, porosities, pollutions of any kind, grain sizing, etc… More generally, they allow users to improve inspection or counting operations with an automatic and reliable operation.

These solutions can handle large 2D or 3D datasets, either they may come from powerful institutes such as synchrotrons, or from much simpler acquisition devices (microscopes, camera…).

Reactiv’IP relies on a high level team that fully focus on the product features and customers service.

ReactivIP Team

Our responsible commitments


Reactiv’IP is committed to a number of voluntary initiatives aimed at minimizing the company’s impact on the planet and, more generally, developing responsible and supportive actions. This voluntary approach is reflected in:

  • The full dematerialization of IPSDK distribution. Every version is available via download, with no physical support;
  • The use of public transportation or bicycles to go to the office;
  • The setting up of two remote working days per week to limit our travelling needs;
  • The supply of recyclable glass boxes and metal tableware rather than throwaway packaging for lunch breaks;
  • The use of a coffee bean machine rather than a metallic capsule one .

Finally, since early 2023, we have been helping pollinating insects at our humble level by sponsoring and running a Beehives project.

Charter for equality between men and women


Reactiv’IP is committed to respecting the equality of men and women in society.

Reactiv’IP guarantees an identical salary, without distinction, on hiring, followed by a salary progression based exclusively on skill development.