IPSDK Runtime

IPSDK Runtime allows you to distribute and share scripts or applications developed using IPSDK Explorer or IPSDK Toolkit on workstations other than those used for prototyping and development.

IPSDK Runtime : Sum up

– Batch / Script processing

– Accurate, reliable, reproducible and traceable workflows

– Cost reduction

– Distribution of pre-defined workflows

– Internal or external distribution

– Deployment on Cloud or Cluster

For many types of application, access to unit algorithms may not be useful or relevant.  Those cases can be :

  • Computing on a powerful workstation
  • Multiple simultaneous calculations on cluster nodes
  • Scripts integrated into a third-party application
  • On-line control without human intervention…
  • Deployment of a commercial product partly based on IPSDK…

To cover those cases, Reactiv’IP offers the IPSDK Runtime version. This version displays end-users pre-built workflows designed by development team.


About the distribution…

Regarding distribution, it can be either for internal (Imaging platform, Computation Center, …) or for external needs (application distribution, OEM, …) It is the right way to propose all the computation performances of IPSDK while guaranteeing accurate, reliable, reproductible and traceable results.

As a final point, this tool is the perfect choice for internal or external distribution as it provides the best balance between performance and cost saving.