Release Notes IPSDK Explorer

The Reactiv’IP team is constantly striving to improve its services to enable IPSDK Explorer users to achieve their goals effectively. Our developers are working to provide you with the updates you need. 

See the latest Release Notes below:

February 2024

New processing and interface elements:

  • Simplify the interface by marking favorite functions,
  • Adaptive watershed,
  • Optimized calculation and display of analyses,
  • DIC algorithms for phase contrast (Differential Interference Contrast),
  • Paganing algorithm: Phase retrieval,
  • Label dilation algorithm

Viewer 3D:

  • Volume rendering,
  • Orthoslices,
  • Clipping,
  • Surface rendering,
  • Mesh simplifier,
  • Movie maker,
  • Hover mode in 3D visualizations.

IPSDK Explorer - 12/2023

  • Compatibility with recent versions of Python 3.8 and Python 3.9
  • Faster display of analysis tables
  • Compatibility with all antivirus software
  • Optimized statistics calculation

IPSDK Explorer 3.2.2 - 04/2023

  • Out-Of-Core: Handling very large images (Video tutorial)
  • Wizard for creating Smart Segmentation models from pre-segmented images (Video tutorial)
  • 3D Hough Transform for sphere detection
  • Interactive sliders for Display Context adjustment

IPSDK Explorer 3.2 - 11/2022

  • Smart segmentation by super pixel/voxel (Video tutorial)
  • Adaptive contrast enhancement (Video tutorial)
  • Ability to accelerate watershed algorithms in Explorer
  • Search for extrema in a signal
  • Battery inspection module (Video tutorial)
  • Time sequence management
  • Visualization of 4D images
  • Merge calibration patterns in images
  • Management of floating licenses (dongle)
  • Histogram by labeled zones
  • New 8-bit LABEL image type

IPSDK Explorer 3.1 - 12/2021

  • Smart segmentation: Machine learning module for pixel/voxel classification (Video tutorial)
  • Smart classification: Machine learning module for the classification of segmented objects (labels) (Video tutorial)
  • Batch processing for using all processing on all images in a directory
  • Support for multi-channel or multi-energy datasets
  • Adaptive Watershed to separate objects of non-unique size and non-circular shape
  • New features for calculating Simple Tortuosity and Average Tortuosity (Video tutorial)
  • Ability to create Interface Macros to simply add functionality,
  • 3D shape visualization module,