IPSDK Explorer  

All the image analysis and processing functions of IPSDK Toolkit are available through its user-friendly, ergonomic interface. IPSDK Explorer requires no programming skills.
Available from its interface or in the form of Python or C++ scripts, IPSDK‘s functions will significantly accelerate the speed of your applications.

IPSDK Explorer Highlights

– Possibility to fine-tune each treatment

– Direct visualization of function and parameters results

– Open Source editable GUI

– Full documentation

– Access to all IPSDK Toolkit 2D/3D functions

– Automatic Python Scripts generation

– Machine Learning modules

– Manual Retouch

IPSDK Explorer logo

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IPSDK Explorer displays the results of algorithms directly in its Viewer. This means you can directly define the most appropriate functionality to use, and precisely define the most suitable parameters.

This software solution lets you design scripts using only the mouse. Once the desired result has been obtained, it automatically generates the equivalent Python code. If you have created a Machine Learning model during your process, it will be automatically integrated into the equivalent Python script (to find out more about Machine Learning, click here).

Open Source Graphical User Interface

Being Open-source, its graphic interface can be modified and adapted, either by contacting Reactiv’IP or directly by each user. For example, it can be modified from the Python console by adding buttons, parameters or creating interface macros…

Furthermore, as IPSDK Explorer is implemented in Python, it is an open and scalable tool. It can be easily connected to third-party software simply by using the generated scripts or via the graphical user interface.

Finally, you can manually retouch detected elements. You can also define the elements or region of interest to be analyzed directly on the images, and correct automatic element detection if necessary (add, delete, combine, separate elements).

IPSDK Explorer plateform
IPSDK Explorer histogram