MetalloBox dedicated to metallography.

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Based on the IPSDK library, MetalloBox proposes a friendly interface for all the functionalities recquired for metallographic images. Because it is implemented in Python, MetalloBox is an open and adaptive tool. Thanks to this aspect, the Reactiv'IP team is able to complete this software with additional norms or measures.

MetalloBox snapshot

Natively, MetalloBox proposes three norms : phase rate calculation, automatic grain size calculation and visual grain size comparison.

Choix de la mesure

MetalloBox allows to manually modify the segmented grains to optimize the ASTM grade measure.
The user can:

  • merge grains,
  • split grains,
  • cut out a new grain,
  • remove grains.
Retouches manuelles
Example: grain split

In order to give all the usefull informartion to the user, MetalloBox provides surface, perimeter and equivalent ray measures for each segmented grain (with a possible interaction between the image and the result

Présentation des mesures
Résultat de mesures interactif

For more information, please consult the technical report: MetalloBox.pdf

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