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MetalloBox : metallography analysis software

Based on IPSDK library, MetalloBox offers in a user-friendly way, all the needed functionalities for metallographic image analysis. The Python implementation allows MetalloBox to be versatile and flexible.

Therefore, Reactiv’IP’s development team can expand MetalloBox with additional standards or measurements.


MetalloBox proposes two standards natively: phase ratio calculation and automatic grain sizing (and visual comparison for grain sizing).

MetalloBox standard Selection

Discover phase ratio and grain sizing process in video:

Phase rate computation with MetalloBox.

Grain sizing computation with MetalloBox.

MetalloBox offers the possibility to manually retouch segmented grains to optimize the ASTM index determination.

The available manual retouching options are:

  • grain fusion,
  • grain separation,
  • new grain trimming,
  • grain removal.

MetalloBox Grain retouch
Example: grain split

To provide all the relevant information, MetalloBox provides in addition the area, perimeter and equivalent diameter measurements for each of segmented grains (with possible interaction between the image and the table).

Metallobox measure

MetalloBox Setup

The interface of the MetalloBox application allows you to set up the image processing algorithm integrated in the calculation of the grain size measurement with the ability to : 

  • correct lighting defects
  • remove dots inside grains
  • adjust processing for light or dark grains
  • define detection threshold for joints and carbides
  • modify the grain fractioning force.
Metallobox Set Up GUI

Results presentation

MetalloBox gathers the results in a spreadsheet directly exportable to Excel. Statistics and analyzed area are also provided. There is also the option to automatically calculate the measurements on any image in a folder.

In addition, MetalloBox provides information for each sample grain (equivalent diameter, surface area, orientation, etc.). These measurements can be displayed as an histogram. For example, this histogram on the left displays the number grains (Y) by equivalent diameter (X).

MEtalloBox Grain histogram filter