Additive Manufacturing Application

Based on IPSDK library and in collaboration with an industrial parner, Reactiv’IP developed a specific Python process to measure automatically the Grains and Porosities measurements in the field of Additive Manufacturing.

    Raw and individualized Grains (XRay Microtomography)

Additive Manufacturing is a cutting-edge manufacturing technique. To avoid production process defects, it is necessary to accurately measure powders and determine their porosity percentage.

Here’s a brief overview of IPSDK Explorer’s grain powder microtomography application.

From a 3D scan of AM powder grains, IPSDK Explorer segments and individualizes each grain, in order to extract conventional measurement features (volume, equivalent diameter, circularity, etc.).

In addition to these traditional measurements, IPSDK Explorer automatically determines grains with internal porosities.
IPSDK Explorer combines all this information into a result table and histogram.