Composite material analysis

3D delamination segmentation of a composite material was realized with the IPSDK library. The material is deformed by a strong pressure.

The image was acquired in 3D micro-tomography by the Clement Ader Institute at Toulouse (France).


3D delamination segmentation of a composite material

The purpose of this application was to characterize the solidity as well as the rigidity of composite materials.

For this, the object was subjected to a pressure stress (in the center) which caused the appearance of porosities. These correspond to the separation of the layers of composite materials. These delaminations have been quantified using various 3D measurements proposed by the application


The difficulty of this application was to define morphological operators allowing to detect the space between the splits.

To perform the segmentation, IPSDK allowed to easily define the 3D oriented structuring elements used for the morphological operations. This allowed a rapid implementation of the segmentation and a very rapid execution of the process.