Granulometry of Slice Bread Air voids

This project consists in analyzing the air bubbles that are present in bread slices.

        Bread slice displaying the segmented and labelled air bubbles

The application was perfomed using Astra software, a graphical solution based on IPSDK image processing and analysis library to ensure an optimal segmentation speed. The application. The application is structured as a single control window that proposes the different image processing steps:

  • pre-processing parameters selection,
  • image binarization,
  • segmentation,
  • measurement computation.

Successive steps

Even though the different steps are structured in a logical sequence, it is possible to visualize the result of any intermediate step in order to validate the applied settings.

Pre-processed image


The first step consists in smoothing the image to avoid smalls particles being detected and appearing during the segmentation phase.

Binary image after separation


The image is then binarized and segmented.

Labelized image


Finally, the user defines the wanted measurements to be applied on every particle.

Application Graphical User Interface

Report generation and completion

Once the process is performed, Astra Graphical User Interface saves the results in a CSV file, which can then be opened in your favorite spreadsheet editor application.

Report generated using Astra

Parameters storage

Astra offers to save the process parameters  or to edit previously saved parameters. It will permit to replay the same process on a new image.

Parameter configuration file management