M-Tortuosity computation (Mean Tortuosity)


3D representation of the propagation through the plug porosity network from the seeds.

Reactiv’IP worked in collaboration with IFPEN to propose a new porous media descriptor module.

This descriptor, called M-tortuosity, describes the porous part complexity of a material perceived by a spherical particle traveling through it.

Based on a Monte Carlo process, this descriptor handles disconnections and is applicable on complex multi-scale micro-structures.

Real images, from electron tomography for instance, with a meaningless void can be described now.

M-Tortuosity GUI

M-Tortuosity display within IPSDK Explorer

M Torutosity Result

M-Tortuosity results

The proposed script can be imported into IPSDK Explorer as a macro interface. Use the Functions | Macro Interface | Import macro interface menu to import it. The functionality will appear in the toolbar of IPSDK Explorer as a new button.