Reactiv’IP provides for biologists, a set of image analysis tools based on Image-Pro to accurately detect, identify and measure fish growth rings.

From now on, subjective measures are replaced by impartial and accurate criteria to analyse and compare data.

Otolith analysis and growth ring detection


Accurate otolith detection and measure

Experience shows that measurement automation allows to obtain much more reliable and accurate results. This is particularly true when we need several measures on a large set of samples. Fish otolith analysis is precisely one of these applications. Dark rings on otoliths are easily detected and measured thanks to digital tools. Recording measures, ring location and distance between rings is highly simplified by the software automatic tools.

The main functionalities useful to this application are:

  • Image calibration to obtain measures in the desired unit,
  • Line profiling tool to identify the growth rings position,
  • Zoom on region of interest to modify the detected rings location,
  • Measuring the distance between growth rings,
  • Data exportation.