Tic Tac counting through 3D X-Ray micro-tomography

The development was done using the IPSDK library for segmenting and counting Tic Tac candies within the box. The image acquisition was performed by Mitos using 3D X-Ray micro-tomography.

Tic Tac before
Tic Tac after

Tic Tac counting

The main Image Processing steps for this project are:

  • Dataset denoising,
  • Box detection and Mask definition,
  • Candies detection,
  • Candies separation based on watershed algorithm,
  • Candies counting,
  • Feret Diameter measurement.


Using the segmentation, it is then possible to get the number of candies and to extract the measurements for each individualized object. Here below appears the volume and Maximum Feret diameter.

Histo TicTac

Number of tic tac (100) and array of calculated measures .

Histo TicTac

Histogram of lengths (Max Feret diameter)

3D movie of Tic Tac segmentation.