Tortuosity computation

3D Visual of the propagation map through the plug porosity network.

Visual of the 2D tortuosity python macro in IPSDK Explorer.

This script computes the distance map from porosity network within a geologic plug from seeds placed on a face border. This is a very common application in Geology. But most of times, the datasets size are massive and the computation time can be prohibitive.

In this application, IPSDK provides the capability to compute very quickly this propagation and the tortuosity. The end-user just needs to specify propagation axis and direction.

In this case Tortuosity = Shortest path / Thickness of the sample = 1.57

The downloadable archive provides macros for 2D and 3D tortuosity calculation.

The proposed script can be imported into IPSDK Explorer in the form of a macro. The new command will then be directly available in the Macro group.