Machine Learning Tools to Process your Images

Reactiv’IP provides 2D/3D Machine Learning tools to make image processing accessible to everyone.

Go faster to go further

IPSDK significantly reduces your project’s implementation and computation times.

Benefit from our expertise

Reactiv’IP’s experts put all their know-how at your disposal to use IPSDK in your image analysis projects.

Let Reactiv'IP customize your own application

Reactiv’IP develops tailor-made solutions to fulfill your specific image analysis requirements.

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IPSDK, Optimized Software Solution for 2D/3D image processing and analysis.

IPSDK offers all the  required features to process your images. Its Machine Learning module will permit you to analyze your acquisitions efficiently.

Available using its Graphical User Interface IPSDK Explorer or as Python or C++ scripts, IPSDK features will significantly speed up your applications.


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Reactiv’IP Environmental Commitment

Reactiv’IP Environmental Commitment

While everyone is sunbathing, we keep improving IPSDK to release IPSDK 4.0 in Autumn.  We also take here a moment to highlight our commitment in minimizing our environmental impact. Our voluntary...

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Press release in Présences Magazine

Press release in Présences Magazine

Thank you Présences, magazine des Entreprises du Sud-Isère, for this great article about Reactiv’IP. It presents perfectly our image processing skills, our multi-disciplinary savoir-faire, while...

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« Fully satisfied to have integrated IPSDK in our 2D and 3D electron imaging processes: optimized library, very fast in execution, scalable, applicable to large data sets. Beyond the tool, the Reactiv’IP team is attentive to our problematics […] » Read more


Isabelle JOLIVET

TOTAL Research Center

« We are user of the IPSDK software and Reactiv’IP proposed to give a workshop un ESRF user meeting on 3D image processing using IPSDK. It is very interesting and relevant to integrate IPSDK in the agenda of this Symposium as IPSDK is python […] » Read more

Bernhard HESSE

Xploraytion GmbH

« Thanks to the high performance of IPSDK, we can now measure new parameters on our very large synchrotron imaging datasets that would have been unimaginable with the other existing solutions. »



Emmanuel BRUN


« Reactiv’IP’s team is very nice, and justifies well its name: very reactive, with an efficient technical support, which always answered quickly to our requests to propose us advanced solutions to the complex image processing problems we achieve with IPSDK. »


Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse III

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