Metallography analysis : Grains Sizing

Reactiv’IP developed a dedicated application for grain sizing measurement. This module was specially designed to ensure measurement accuracy and repeatability. It offers two different approaches: intercept and planimetric methods, both described in ASTM E112 grain sizing standards.

Whether you are professional, regular, or just a newcomer in image analysis, this module’s interface is easy to use and intuitive. It will allow you to greatly improve your test quality and productivity. These measurements are available in MetalloBox application edited and distributed by Reactiv’IP.

MetalloBox also offers band structural measurement as well as an automatic phase rate determination.

Metallobox GrainSizing SEM
MetalloBox GrainSizing 2

Examples of Grain MicroStructure

MetalloBox Grain Sizing

MetalloBox Detection capabilities


Thanks to its extremely simple and easy-to-use graphical user interface, MetalloBox enables you to accurately detect grain boundaries.

Then the interpretation of the joint configuration allows the automatic determination of the grain sizing.

Here on the right side, you can see

  • Before : the raw grain light microscopy image
  • After : the MetalloBox automatic grain detection.
MetalloBox Grain Before
MetalloBox GrainSizing Label After
MetalloBox Grain Sizing resultat

Grain Sizing quantification results using both Intercept and Planimetric methods.