Metallography analysis : Phase rating 

Reactiv’IP provides an automated phase rating measurement application. This inspection checks that the precipitation occurred correctly in order to ensure a good mechanical properties in accordance with the requirements and to obtain a “machinable” material.

 These measurements are available in MetalloBox application developed by Reactiv’IP. For instance, in case of steels, the MetalloBox application provides ferrite grade, as well as bainite and perlite grades.

Example of dual-phase microstructures : ferrito-pearlitic matrix

MetalloBox Bi-phase
MetalloBox Bi-phase Résultat

Dual Phase ratio spreadsheet

Example of Tri-phase microstructures : Ferrito-bainito-pearlitic matrix

It is sometimes mandatory to identify a third phase within the matrix, especially in order to identify the perlite layer that may have appeared. For this operation ( distinguishing ferrite, bainite and perlite grains) it is crucial to work at high magnification. We recommend x500 or x1000. Of course, this level of magnification will require a much bigger number of images to obtain a representative result.

MetalloBox 3 Phase Before
MetalloBox 3 Phase Label After
MetalloBox 3Phase ratio Tab

Tri-Phase ratio spreadsheet